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Pesticide Information

This is a list of the products most commonly used by the district.

Larva Control:

  • Wellmark, Altosid Liquid Larvicide
  • Wellmark International, Altosid Pellets
  • Wellmark international, Altosid XR
  • Clarke Mosquito Control, Cocobear
  • Clarke Mosquito Control, Natular
  • Fourstar BTi CRG
  • Valent Biosciences, Vectobac-12AS
  • Valent Biosciences, Vectobac-G
  • Valent Biosciences, Vectobac WDG
  • Valent Biosciences, Vetolex FG
  • Valent Biosciences, Vectolex WDG
  • Valent Biosciences, Vectolex WSP
  • Valent Biosciences, Vetolex FG

Adult Control:

  • MGK Company, Pyrocide 7395
  • MGK Company, Pyrocide 7396
  • Wellmark International, Zenivex E20
  • AMVAC Chemical Corp., Dibrom Concentrate
  • AMVAC Chemical Corp., Trumpet EC